libjava and raw_cxx

Andrew Haley
Fri Dec 12 15:40:00 GMT 2008

Andreas Schwab wrote:
> Andrew Haley <> writes:
>> Andreas Schwab wrote:
>>> Andrew Haley <> writes:
>>>> Andreas Schwab wrote:
>>>>> Why is the libjava directory configured with raw_cxx?
>>>>> Makefile.def:151:target_modules = { module= libjava; raw_cxx=true; };
>>>>> The problem with this is that it keeps the libtool test for dynamic
>>>>> linker characteristics from working properly, due to the undefined
>>>>> reference to __gxx_personality_v0 which is defined in libstdc++.
>>>> We don't want libstdc++ linked in libgcj.
>>>> If the libtool test wants libstdc++, then it's up to the libtool test
>>>> to include libstdc++.  Nobody else wants it.
>>> It's not libtool that wants it, but gcc, by generating the reference to
>>> __gxx_personality_v0.
>> Well, yes.  I don't quite see your point.
> It's a generic link test, independent of the language that the compiler
> accepts.  It just assumes that the compiler works.

Sure, but a generic link test shouldn't require a directory to be
configured in any special way.  That's the core problem here, not
the fact that libgcj is configured with raw_cxx.


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