lib_path for libjava in top level

Andrew Haley
Sun Aug 24 10:50:00 GMT 2008

Aaron W. LaFramboise wrote:
> Presently in the top-level Makefile.def, libjava is not among the
> libraries that have a specified TARGET_LIB_PATH.  For libraries that
> have this, such as libgcc, libgomp, libstdc++, and others, it ensures
> that RPATH is set appropriately when in-tree executables are run as part
> of the build or test process.  For instance:
> target_modules = { module= libgomp; lib_path=.libs; };
> Because on this, on i386-pc-mingw32, gcj-dbtool.exe fails to run when
> libgcj is compiled as a dynamic library, if there is not already a
> binary-compatible libgcj installed on the system somewhere that the
> loader can find it.
> Is this an oversight, or there some other mechanism that is supposed to
> make this work, that perhaps doesn't work on Windows?

Libtool is supposed to fix this.  gcj-dbtool in the build dir is a shell
script that generates the executable .libs/lt-gcj-dbtool and then executes it.
lt-gcj-dbtool has an rpath-link pointing into the build dir.

Maybe libtool doesn't work properly on mingw.


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