Creating and using GCJ ARM cross compiler

Matthijs van de Water
Tue Apr 22 09:52:00 GMT 2008

On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 10:55 AM, Andrew Haley <> wrote:
>  I'm using gcj Version 4.3 on my ARM Debian box all the time and it works
>  perfectly.  Your insistence on using this old release seems to me
>  to be quite perverse.
The reason to want to use 4.2.3 is mostly related to the rest of my
(embedded) distribution. Apparently a number of packages inside
OpenEmbedded break when you try to compile them with GCC 4.3 (probably
easily fixable) and on the whole GCC 4.3 has not been widely used for
Embedded distributions. I'm much more at ease with a GCC version that
'everyone else' is also using, which it seems GCC 4.3 is not yet. On
the other hand I need GCJ for one Java application, so that would ask
for GCC 4.3.
I was hoping to work around that by using the 4.2.3 Ubuntu branch and
have the best of both: a stable and widely used GCC and the state of
the art GCJ.

As an alternative solution, would it be possible to mix the two: use
GCC 4.2 for everything except Java and 4.3 only for this one Java
project? I'm going to compile -static-libgcj anyway, so that would
probably only mean two versions of libstdc++? If libstdc++ is the only
one that I need to double (same glibc, same pthreads, ...) that means
only ~700KB of extra disk usage...


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