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Meyer A. Ada
Mon May 21 22:38:00 GMT 2007

News Releases Warming Investors Up On GPSI

Global Pay Solutions Inc.
Symbol: GPSI
Close: $0.031

Recent news releases have excited investors. Heavy trading pushed share
prices up to highs of $0.08 (UP 266%). Closing at $0.031 (UP 3%) we
expect to see more traffic and prices shooting up all week. This one is
getting started. Don't miss it. Get on GPSI first thing Tuesday!

Microsoft "Plays For Sure". "We are absolutely entering the consumer
segment," said Jennifer Ledger Scott in a recent press interview.
Because they are frugal.
The launch of the Microsoft Media Centre as a platform of broadcasters
creating interactive content combines broadcast and IP delivered content
using Aruntx iPodcasting. Approved podcasts will be simultaneously
broadcast over the AM airwaves and streamed online at KYOURadio.

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