seg fault on startup

Andrew Haley
Wed Mar 21 19:00:00 GMT 2007

David Daney writes:
 > Ben Tatham wrote:
 > > David Daney wrote:
 > >> Andrew Haley wrote:
 > >>> Ben Tatham writes:
 > >> As an aside, I think there were bugs in some part of the mipsel-linux 
 > >> toolchain (I forget exactly where, but it was either the linker or 
 > >> glibc) that caused problems like this for me.  I think you are on the 
 > >> right track here.  It may be useful to compile libgcj with -O0 -g 
 > >> (edit the Makefile to change -O2 to -O0 and make clean; make).
 > >>
 > >> David Daney
 > > 
 > > We'll give those changes a try, but I'm curious as the exact problems 
 > > you had, David.  You said "caused problems like this for me".  How 
 > > similar were they?
 > You get a SIGSEGV, I got a SIGSEGV, so I would say the problems were 
 > identical from the point of view of symptoms.  But I fixed the problems 
 > I had, and you still suffer from SIGSEGV, so from that point of view 
 > they are not the same problem.
 > I know that is not at all helpful.  You will have to run it in the 
 > debugger and see what is happening.  Unfortunately I know of no short cuts.

A printf(classes, *classes) in that loop would work, too.


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