getlocalvartable test falure

Tom Tromey
Sat Mar 3 00:01:00 GMT 2007

>>>>> "Kyle" == Kyle Galloway <> writes:

Kyle> Interestingly, this failure does not occur on x86_64, only on 32-bit
Kyle> machines.  The cause of this was that the Allocate calls for signature
Kyle> and generic signature of the var table were using the wrong size
Kyle> arguments.  I have fixed this.  I have also included  fix to get rid
Kyle> of the compile warnings, since these are related to the same block of
Kyle> code.  I also noticed that the test case itself was not calling
Kyle> Deallocate on these same strings, and have included a fix for that as
Kyle> well.  The additional changes I consider trivial, but I can easily
Kyle> apply the separately if that is desired.

I didn't see this go in... did I miss it somehow?
If you are waiting for approval, it is ok :-)


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