segfault in sysdep/i386/backtrace.h

Andrew Haley
Wed Feb 21 10:01:00 GMT 2007

Danny Smith writes:
 > Reference:
 > Andrew Haley wrote
 > > It's going to be hard.  If you want to use DWARF and you want to
 > > unwind through (and throw execptions though) libraries compiled with
 > > MSVC then you have to teach gcc how to unwind through Structured
 > > Exception Handling blocks.  Perhaps there are Windows library calls to
 > > do this.
 > That part has been done, See attached patch, specifically the
 > w32-unwind.h contribution from Pascal Obry. For an example of how it
 > could be used see ada/seh_init.c.
 > Note this patch was extracted from a much larger local patchset.
 > I haven't tested independently of the other bits. 
 > The part that hasn't been done is the ability to unwind from
 > callback functions passed to win32api functions. Such callbacks are
 > common in windows GUI world. mingw users -- at least those who have
 > expressed an opinion -- want them to work in C++.  SJLJ works. DW2
 > does not and will not until we can convince MS (or ReactOS) to
 > compile the w32api with DW2 tables.

What for?  Why can't we unwind through Win32 code blocks?


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