segfault in sysdep/i386/backtrace.h

Danny Smith
Wed Feb 21 09:40:00 GMT 2007


Andrew Haley wrote

> It's going to be hard.  If you want to use DWARF and you want to
> unwind through (and throw execptions though) libraries compiled with
> MSVC then you have to teach gcc how to unwind through Structured
> Exception Handling blocks.  Perhaps there are Windows library calls to
> do this.

That part has been done, See attached patch, specifically the
w32-unwind.h contribution from Pascal Obry. For an example of how it
could be used see ada/seh_init.c.

Note this patch was extracted from a much larger local patchset.
I haven't tested independently of the other bits. 
The part that hasn't been done is the ability to unwind from callback
functions passed to win32api functions. Such callbacks are common in
windows GUI world. mingw users -- at least those who have expressed an
opinion -- want them to work in C++.  SJLJ works. DW2 does not and will
not until we can convince MS (or ReactOS) to compile the w32api with DW2

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