dacapo benchmarks

Patrick Olinet patrick.olinet@gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 16:44:00 GMT 2007

Hi folks,

I'm trying to run the dacapo benchmarks suite with gcj

* I've downloaded the dacapo-2006-10-MR2-xdeps.zip but I haven't been
able to compile the following benchmarks : bloat, jython, chart, fop,
pmd and xalan. It seems to be due to libraries missing in the
different jar files.

My compiling command is : gcj -o <bm> --main=Harness <bm>.jar <bm>-deps.jar

I've been told by the dacapo folks that the gcj team was also running
the dacapo suite. Have you succeed running those benchmarks ? If yes,
are there any special things to take care of ?

* The eclipse benchmark from the same suite runs fine with gcj, except
that the results aren't very good. Actually, the results are hardly
better than what you get when you run the eclipse benchmark with gij.
Compare to the others benchmarks results (antlr, hsqldb, luindex,
lusearch) where gcj outperforms gij by a factor of 5 or even more, I'm
a bit suprised. And using "-O2" or "-Os" for gcj invocation doesn't

Do you have any thoughts for the reason of such a bad performance ?

Thanks in advance for you replies.


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