New Java programs installed by default

Tom Tromey
Sun Feb 11 23:53:00 GMT 2007

>>>>> "Gerald" == Gerald Pfeifer <> writes:

Gerald> While packaging a current version of GCC mainline, I noticed that the
Gerald> Java frontend recently started to install the following new binaries:
Gerald>   bin/gjar
Gerald>   bin/gjavah
Gerald>   bin/gnative2ascii
Gerald>   bin/gorbd
Gerald>   bin/grmid
Gerald>   bin/gserialver
Gerald>   bin/gtnameserv

Gerald> This is not a complaint (let alone bug report ;-), I just wanted to
Gerald> send a heads up in case you may prefer not to actually install all of
Gerald> these.

Yeah, this is intentional.  The rundown:

gjar, gjavah -- replacements for fastjar and gcjh, which we removed.

gnative2ascii -- standard JDK program.  We also have jv-convert, which
is similar but different.  Ideally we'd write a JavaSrc converter
(there's a PR for this) and merge the two.

gorbd, gtnameserv -- CORBA support

grmid -- another RMI thingy.  (Note that grmic and grmiregistry are
new implementations)

gserialver -- compute serialization UID, useful (standard)
development tool

We probably don't have docs for all of these :(.  Looking into this is
on my to-do list but keeps getting bumped down.  Matthias' recent
patch to install man pages for some of them makes me think the
situation isn't *too* bad though :)


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