Saving all register of Boehm's Stop-World of hypermodern i686, is it reliable?

Sat Feb 10 22:42:00 GMT 2007

Andrew Haley wrote:

>If I had five minutes I could probably come up with a hundred ways to
>hide data from the gc.  I don't see why you are so interested in this
Why interested?
Because it's good.

I'm thinking on another thing,
as an application of GCJ-4.3 uses Vector or ArrayList, i'm thinking to
accelerate it using (from the Athlon or Pentium Optimization manual) the:

* instructions of cache's prefetching
* and XMM registers

So, updating the capacity of the Vector will be FAST!!!

The problem can be the lack of XMM's support of Boehm GC, e.g., to
support the array of pointers.

This discussion was wonderful for me ;)

Good bye

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