Problem compiling apache libraries

Marco Trudel
Fri Feb 9 19:39:00 GMT 2007

Mohsen Saboorian wrote:
> Well, I prefer to use Mohan Embar's GCJ builds for windows instead of
> paying for GCC :)

See, thats the idea behind free software :-) You always have the freedom 
to pick another supplier or at least build the software yourself...

If you only want to compile your application to test it, you're well off 
with Mohans build. But as soon as you want to deploy software to 
end-users, you most likely become interested in features that my 
software offers. Such as:
- A comfortable GUI and/or compilation automation tools
- Features to reduce the size of the final binary (excluding API parts, 
only import referenced classes of jars, binary packing, ...).
- Support for AWT/Swing for Linux and Windows
- The possibility of cross-compiling to Linux and Windows (from Linux 
and Windows)
... and a lot more. Since all this didn't develop itself, I ask for a 
little amount of money in return. So I'd say Mohans builds and my more 
allround-like-solution have a different target group.


> Manu Thanks for your help.
> On 2/9/07, Andrew Haley <> wrote:
>> Marco Trudel writes:
>>  > Mohsen Saboorian wrote:
>>  > > Too bizzare!
>>  > >
>>  > > I think it is because I'm using GCJ for windows which comea with
>>  > > JavaNativeCompiler. I downloaded from that 
>> project
>>  > > (since mingw's gcj is too old). Sounds like he changed one of
>>  > > libraries in his gcc. Anyway, I thought JNC is open source and free
>>  > > (since hosted on
>>  > >, but it seems to be
>>  > > commercial.
>>  >
>>  > These are my builds. They are open source and free. The source is 
>> at the
>>  > same place as the binaries, as requested by the GPL.
>>  > However, that doesn't mean they're gratis. Please read GNUs "Selling
>>  > Free Software" FAQ: if you
>>  > want to understand the concept of free software.
>>  >
>>  > My builds are only thought to be used with the GUI or if you know what
>>  > you're doing. So you run into the error message.
>>  >
>>  > BTW: The Linux builds are gratis, only the Windows builds cost since I
>>  > spend a lot of time getting them running and fixing bugs.
>> Sure, that's fair enough.  But Mohsen can just find whatever prints
>> the "No valid licence" message and remove it.  Okay, so he's then got
>> the problem of rebuilding the compiler or whatever.
>> Andrew.

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