gij on windows - problem with Class.forName

Sat Feb 3 22:35:00 GMT 2007

I am a newcomer to Linux and gnu. I have been successfully using this
application  on WinXP for some time now but it is compute intensive and I am
interested in compiling it into native code to run faster. After some failed
attempts to build gcj on WinXP I converted my machine to a dual boot
WinXP/Linux. Under Linux I natively compiled the application for Linux and
it worked brilliantly - run time was more than halved. 
Next step was to do a native compile for mingw but I also realised I would
need gij on WinXP to run the native compiled version using the dbtool
method.  Building the mingw version was still a problem for me so I
downloaded the gcc/gcj 4.2 bundle from and installed on

Now this is where I need some help as I'm encountering problems and I'm not
sure if it is my configuration or something else. As I was hitting problems
running the native code I went back to basics to check that gij is OK with
normal jar files. Running gij against the original jar files; the program
terminates at a call to Class.forName. 
I was able to determine this by putting in some traces in the module 
net.sourceforge.dvb.projectx.xinput.topfield_raw.RawInterface and found it
was terminating at the statement: Class rawReadClass =

Attached is the program output using the gij -verbose option. test-gij-orig-jar.txt 

I searched for known problems with Class.forName but they all seem to be
related to static libraries but here I am just executing a jar file.

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