What's the state of efforts to reduce GCJ's footprint?

David Daney ddaney@avtrex.com
Thu Feb 1 16:51:00 GMT 2007

>> * -freduced-reflection might help somewhat, but of course it affects
>>   what kinds of programs you can run.  I'm not sure whether you can
>>   build all of libgcj this way or not; David Daney would know.  Or
>>   perhaps Google.

When I was working on this option, I did build libgcj this way by 
hacking libgcj.spec.in before building.  The result was runnable, it 
should work under almost all conditions.  IIRC, this reduce the size of 
libgcj by about 5% - 7%.  Read the documentation for 
-freduced-reflection for more details.

I am thinking of adding a configure option so that this build type can 
be selected without hacking the sources.

> I wondered about that a long time ago. How to use this?
> Can it be used while normal compilation of an application, I always get:
> cc1.exe: warning: command line option "-freduced-reflection" is valid 
> for Java but not for C

What the messages says is true!.  -freduced-reflection only affects code 
generation of java classes, thus it is not valid in other contexts.

David Daney

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