What's the state of efforts to reduce GCJ's footprint?

Jim Mayer jim@pentastich.org
Thu Feb 1 02:05:00 GMT 2007


I know you folks are well aware of how big the statically linked
executable files are, and I can see that there's been a lot of
discussion about the topic over the years.  It looks like that as
Classpath (and libgcj) have grown more complete the problem has gotten
worse... a few years ago people were complaining about the size of
minimal gcj compiled applications that seem downright tiny now.

Since there's so much stuff out there I'm hoping that someone will point
me to some good information on the topic.  I can see that a lot of
internal compiler work has been going on (the new ABI stuff, major gcc
changes, a new byte code compiler, etc.) and I'm having trouble figuring
out how much of the stuff Google turns up is still relevant.


-- Jim

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