Tom Tromey
Fri Sep 22 16:55:00 GMT 2006

>>>>> "Marco" == Marco Trudel <> writes:

Marco> Is there a similar way to enforce that MessageBundles get pulled into
Marco> the final executables? I can't think of one, but you never know...

If you mean resource bundles that come from some gcj-provided .a, then
the answer is no, there's no way I know of to do this.  This is
particularly bad because we want to change all the locale resource
bundles to be .properties files instead of classes.

We haven't done this yet due to timing and because naively compiling
the properties files bloats libgcj -- we probably need a new 'zcore'
URL or something.

One idea that's been mentioned is to put the resources into a separate
.a which could be pulled in with --whole-archive.  Or, the resources
could be kept in a separate jar which is found at runtime (solving the
compression problem as well), though this is bad for folks who want to
ship a single image.


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