How to do bootstrap build on OSX to get gcj?

Mike Purdy
Thu Sep 21 19:09:00 GMT 2006

Thanks Andi, you are correct that those mentioned libraries come up as not supported.


>>> Andi Vajda <> 09/21/06 2:47 PM >>>

On Thu, 21 Sep 2006, Mike Purdy wrote:

> I attempted "make bootstrap" on an Intel Mac with 4.1.1 full tarball today 
> and it appears to have succeeded.  Is this possible?

How did you configure the build ?
Unless the patches mentioned earlier were applied or part of the tarball, it 
should list libjava, boehm-gc and libffi as not supported during configure.

> I'm not sure how to do the "install" portion of the build and how to 
> actually test it out on some java files.  Anyone have pointers on "install" 
> on OSX and where the installed modules end up afterwards?

How about 'make install' ?

The installed modules endup wherever you chose during the configure step with 
the --prefix arg.


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