How to do bootstrap build on OSX to get gcj?

Mike Purdy
Thu Sep 21 17:59:00 GMT 2006

I attempted "make bootstrap" on an Intel Mac with 4.1.1 full tarball today and it appears to have succeeded.  Is this possible?

I'm not sure how to do the "install" portion of the build and how to actually test it out on some java files.  Anyone have pointers on "install" on OSX and where the installed modules end up afterwards?


>>> Tom Tromey <> 09/20/06 3:48 PM >>>
>>>>> "Andi" == Andi Vajda <> writes:

Andi> For Intel you need a set of patches that was posted here a while ago, see:
Andi> I don't know if these patches have been checked in anywhere yet.

Many of them were approved recently on gcc-patches.
I think Geoff requested a rewrite of the libffi changes.
I didn't look to see if these patches were actually checked in; if
someone knows of unreviewed or uncommitted x86 Darwin patches, I'm
happy to review and/or commit them ... just send me a URL or whatever.


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