[win32] -Djava.library.path

Tom Tromey tromey@redhat.com
Wed Sep 20 20:22:00 GMT 2006

>>>>> "Mohan" == Mohan Embar <gnustuff@thisiscool.com> writes:

>> The current thing I know of is Gary's pending InetAddress patch.

Mohan> I've lost track of where all this stuff is. Is it one patch?
Mohan> Several? From what I see, things haven't been checked in
Mohan> yet.

I think part 1 was checked in and now just part 2 remains:


Mohan> Plus the current Win32 build breaks on the JVMTI stuff
Mohan> again, probably because of a missing JNICALL specifier
Mohan> somewhere.

Sorry about that.

Mohan> What's more, I can't run Mauve or make check on Win32. Is there a
Mohan> decent test for Gary's changes?

Probably just the mauve InetAddress tests.
Why can't you run mauve?  FWIW you don't have to run the whole thing,
you can run just a subset, maybe that makes things simpler.  You can
also run it interpreted, that's often more convenient.

>> One thing is the new Unsafe API for concurrency....
>> Another thing coming a bit later is...

Mohan> It never ends, does it? :)

Yeah, it is a real treadmill.


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