[win32] -Djava.library.path

Tom Tromey tromey@redhat.com
Wed Sep 20 19:01:00 GMT 2006

>>>>> "Mohan" == Mohan Embar <gnustuff@thisiscool.com> writes:

Mohan> Sorry I haven't been able to help lately. Assuming I can steal
Mohan> some time here and there, can someone prioritize the things that
Mohan> need to be looked at for Win32? Or is it already too late?

It isn't too late.

The current thing I know of is Gary's pending InetAddress patch.

The way it looks right now is that 4.2 is not blocked on Windows stuff
(except perhaps this InetAddress thing).  However, there are more
changes coming down the road, for 4.3, that will need more hacking.

One thing is the new Unsafe API for concurrency.  On the ecj branch
right now this is all pthreads-specific, but that will have to be fixed.
I'll probably just make the Windows code abort or something as a
short-term fix.

Another thing coming a bit later is that nio has been refactored a
little in Classpath.  We'll be porting the epoll code for Linux, but
someone will have to handle kselect (for *BSD) and the Windows port.
I haven't looked at this in depth, maybe we can keep the existing code
around somehow.


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