[win32] -Djava.library.path

Marco Trudel mtrudel@gmx.ch
Wed Sep 20 16:37:00 GMT 2006

Hello Mohan

I know about (in priorized order):
1. serialisation is broken; 
2. java.library.path is broken; 
3. Runtime.exec(String[] cmdarray, String[] envp) -> envp doesn't work; 

The serialisation bug is pretty important in my opinion. It breaks drag 
and drop and a lot of other things...


Mohan Embar wrote:
> Hi All,
>> Note though that Windows-specific things are worked on very rarely; in
>> fact we're having a problem getting an existing patch tested on
>> Windows, and this is turning into a blocker.
> Sorry I haven't been able to help lately. Assuming I can steal
> some time here and there, can someone prioritize the things that
> need to be looked at for Win32? Or is it already too late?
> Keep in mind that during my last half-hearted 4.2 build, I didn't
> test the networking bits at all and am not even sure if they work.
> No promises, but I wanted to get an idea of where things are at.
> -- Mohan
> http://www.thisiscool.com/
> http://www.animalsong.org/

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