libgcj-classpath-20060719 merge

Tom Tromey
Mon Jul 31 17:00:00 GMT 2006

>>>>> "Haren" == Haren Visavadia <> writes:

Haren> I think a better approach would be have
Haren> "gcj-classpath-integration" branch, were the merge of
Haren> trunk and classpath branch is done and all changes are
Haren> made and committed. The diff would easily made and to
Haren> apply it to trunk would be simple merge and commit. If
Haren> you want an example of this, I can provide one.

It seems weird that in order to do a merge we must create a third

However, we're pretty unlikely to either fix svn or switch version
control systems... so we've got to work around its deficiencies
somehow.  If Mark wants to create an integration branch that is fine
by me.


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