libgcj-classpath-20060719 merge

Andrew Haley
Mon Jul 31 09:00:00 GMT 2006

Haren Visavadia writes:
 > --- Mark Wielaard  wrote:
 > > It seems we want it against the trunk head revision.
 > > After the merge and
 > > manual cleanup the files in the working dir have
 > > different bases
 > > depending on whether they were already on the trunk,
 > > were merge into the
 > > working dir from the branch, or added by hand. But
 > > the svn documentation
 > > is confusing.
 > I think a better approach would be have
 > "gcj-classpath-integration" branch, were the merge of
 > trunk and classpath branch is done and all changes are
 > made and committed. The diff would easily made and to
 > apply it to trunk would be simple merge and commit.

I totally agree.  We seem far too reluctant to use svn to do these
jobs but instead we pass patches around.  Let's end this: patches are
so Twentieth Century.  :-)


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