removing or using AWT/Swing

Mohan Embar
Wed Jul 26 17:13:00 GMT 2006

Hi All,

>It should be possible to disable most of AWT+Swing (with the exception
>of AWTPermission) without an enormous effort.  However AFAIK nobody
>has done this in a way suitable for submission...

My 4.02 build removes most of the GNU AWT classes from
libgcj.a and substitutes the SwingWT classes. You can
check out my build scripts to see how I did this, but the
procedure won't apply to 4.2:

>From what I remember, the SwingWT stuff wasn't all there
for colorspace stuff and Java2D issues, but support for this
in 0.88 seems much improved. Haven't tried it out, though.

-- Mohan

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