"Building GCJ for Windows" Scripts Issues (was Re: compiling gcj 4.0.2 for windows on unbuntu)

Andi Vajda andi@osafoundation.org
Sun Jul 23 10:00:00 GMT 2006

On Sat, 22 Jul 2006, Mohan Embar wrote:

> I downloaded your scripts today and they fail. You need to add
> "--without-x --disable-java-awt" to cfgxgcc.sh and cfgwingcc.sh,
> otherwise (and you can verify this by checking config.status and
> Makefile in your libjava build directory if you still have one lying around)
> X_CFLAGS gets set to -I/usr/include and this gets added to the compiler
> flags list. I'm guessing that you have an older gcc installed on your build
> machine and that the erroneous headers you're picking up don't conflict
> enough with the MinGW ones to stop the build in its tracks. Just a guess,
> though.
> BTW: Thanks for all the work you've done on the MinGW port
> recently.

I faced the same problem and ended up finding a configure flags combination 
that worked by looking at the old scripts. I believe Ranjit had said that 
4.0.2 didn't have a patch made later to the gcc configure machinery that 
introduced the sysroot thingie. --without-x definitely seemed required.

I eventually got a native Windows gcj 4.0.2 capable of producing Windows 
executables but the PyLucene unit tests failed to run and I reverted to using 
gcj 3.4.6 on Windows which I built using the new scripts - with sysroot 
thingie - for binutils and the old scripts and some link hackery for gcj 

Thanks again, Ranjit, for these scripts.
This gcc cross-compiling feature is great.


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