compiling gcj 4.0.2 for windows on unbuntu

Ranjit Mathew
Sun Jul 23 02:08:00 GMT 2006

On 7/23/06, Mohan Embar <> wrote:
> Andi> I just gave this a try and it got me past the first error. The compile then
> Andi> still fails on libjava/ It looks like /usr/include and windows header
> Andi> files are clashing. See below.
> I'm getting the exact same error on the 4.2 tree I checked out yesterday
> with Ranjit's scripts. Why in the world would the cross compiler be looking in
> /usr/include? And why didn't Ranjit come across this?

I haven't built GCJ/MinGW in about a week or so. Perhaps you're
not following the sysroot thingy properly? You might also want to
take a look at the updated scripts. See:

I'm sorry for not being concrete, but I haven't faced these issues
with mainline for GCJ/Windows.


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