ATTN Windows Users: RFC - GCJ/MinGW and Thread-Safe Exception Handling

Ranjit Mathew
Tue Jul 4 09:41:00 GMT 2006

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Ranjit Mathew wrote:
> On 7/4/06, Danny Smith <> wrote:
>> Would this not work?
>> (1) Put this into a object file of its own and add it to link spec as a
>> 'startup' object so it
>> overrides the static libmingw.a library version.
> Sorry for asking a basic question, but how do you specify
> something as a "startup" object? I looked at the ld manual
> but couldn't immediately locate this information.

I misunderstood you - I think you meant the "startfile"
GCC spec string.

Thank you for suggesting it. I found a ready-made object file
like this in "crtmt.o" that the MinGW runtime already provides
(but GCC doesn't seem to use it AFAICT). This way I do not have
to worry about where to put this startup object file and how to
make GCC locate it during linking.

The attached patch implements your suggestion and resolves
the build issue while avoiding the dependency on mingwm10.dll.

It was tested via:

  1. an i686-pc-linux-gnu to i686-pc-mingw32 cross compiler,
  2. an i686-pc-mingw32 crossed-native compiler on i686-pc-linux-gnu,
  3. an i686-pc-linux-gnu native compiler.

OK to apply?

(I notice that there are some spurious differences between
the existing "configure" and the one regenerated by FSF
autoconf 2.59. Specifically these relate to using Xlib.h
v/s Intrinsic.h for some tests. I think this is an artifact
of using something like a patched autoconf 2.59 to generate
the existing "configure".)

>> I don't know why I'm suggesting this. I have never liked the foolery in
>> and wopuld be glad to see it removed.
> Exactly! I would have thought that you of all people would
> be in favour of removing this kludge.

And you have now been instrumental in perpetuating this
"foolery". :-P


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