Another toy benchmark...

Norman Hendrich
Mon Feb 27 21:07:00 GMT 2006

Thomas Fitzsimmons writes:

> Can you file a bug for this with a test case?
> Actually, can you also attach if it is redistributable?
> The test case would probably be more useful if it
> eliminated the calculations so as to isolate the demonstration of the
> AWT performance problem.

Well, I thought that watching the GameOfLife animation was fun (the extra 
random term avoids the fast convergence of the original game in many start
positions), but if you insist on more boring stuff... ;-)

Anyway, consider "" as GPLed. I attached a new testcase 
"" that calculates almost nothing (and uses only 64x64
instead of 128x64 rectangles. Twice as "fast" at 6 frames/second.)

- Norman

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