[RFC] libffi testsuite gcc flags?

David Daney ddaney@avtrex.com
Fri Feb 24 21:55:00 GMT 2006

Andreas Tobler wrote:
> Hello all,
> I recently recognized that we run the libffi testsuite without any gcc 
> flags like -Ox or so. This had the effect that a test case was failing 
> since it fell in the area of PR 323. return_fl2.c was compiled with -O0.
> Now my question, would it make sense to run the testsuite with different 
> opt flags like -O0, -O2 ...?
> The ABI should stay the same over all opt flags, yes, but real life apps 
> usually use -O2 right?
> It could be done easily by just running the suite again with a different 
> set.
> (I used -W -Wall to clean up the test cases from warnings, a patch which 
> will follow soon)
> Comments?

I think it is an excellent idea.  I for one normally use -O3 (not -O2). 
  But testing with both -O0 and -O[s23] makes a lot of sense to me.

David Daney

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