Question on GCJ/Boehm Memory Utilization, Part II

Martin Egholm Nielsen
Thu Feb 23 19:49:00 GMT 2006

>> As Martin pointed out, adjusting GC_free_space_divisor should help.
--- 8< 8< 8< ---
> The Boehm heap on our embedded application is now less than half the 
> size it was before this find.  And the reason is obvious.  Now, the 
> parsed token strings are usually 88 characters, instead of 12932.  This, 
> as one would expect, greatly affects the behavior of the collector in 
> the positive direction.  The reason I'm reporting this in so much detail 
> is that I'm hoping I can help others who have this problem save a few 
> years of their time.
Really nice!
But may I suggest you to try increasing the GC_free_space_divisor... 
Doing that I also decreased my heap size by more than 50%!
You could try the extreme and set it to 20, just to see what to expect 
approx. for maximum gain...

// Martin

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