implementing escape analysis

David Daney
Thu Feb 16 18:51:00 GMT 2006

Andrew Haley wrote:
> Per Bothner writes:
>  > David Daney wrote:
>  > > I keep threatening to do this for gcj, but was thinking that the best 
>  > > place to do it may be the front end.  Once in tree-ssa form it is more 
>  > > difficult to figure out that a call to _Jv_AllocObject followed by a 
>  > > call to the constructor is the equivalent of the 'new' operator.
>  > 
>  > Why is that relevant to escape analysis?  A constructor is just
>  > another method, in this context.
> Indeed: the only thing that has to be recognized as "special" is a
> malloc-like function.

We in the java case...

An object allocated by _Jv_AllocObject can not be stack allocated as it 
has a finalizer, but one allocated with _Jv_AllocObjectNoFinalizer can 
be, so there has to be some differentiation between all these different 

David Daney.

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