GC Warning: Insufficient space for /proc read

Ricardo Temporal ricardotemporal@hotmail.com
Wed Feb 15 20:28:00 GMT 2006


  I have a shared library that uses gcj functionality.

  I'm getting the following warning message:

  "GC Warning: Insufficient space for /proc read"

  In a call to JvAttachCurrentThread() inside the shared library.

  And latter my library crash with 'Segmentation fault' when I try to use a 
java functionality.

  The warning message and the 'Segmentation fault' are not at the same time 
and may be a coincidence.

  I could not reproduce the error in a small "Hello World" program, so I 
think it has some thing to do with my application.

  But this only happens in solaris, when I compile and run my application in 
  Linux, it does not happen.

Scenario that works:
   Application compiled with gcc-3.3.3
   Shared library compiled with gcc-3.3.3

Scenario that does not work:
   Solaris 8
   Application compiled with Forte/SunCC 8
   Shared library compiled with gcc-3.3.3

Only the shared library uses gcj functionality, the application is only C++.

  What is this warning message about ?


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