SOLVED: Wrestling with exceptions on win32 gcj 4.1

Wed Feb 8 19:58:00 GMT 2006

> Does this mean 4.1 can work on win32?  It was said that it was
> currently broken on this platform:
my primary goal is to build SWT aplications and linking
with libgcj staticaly. some simple swt snipets from

build and run just fine.
the stack traces are pretty much unusable though.
looking into that now.

> Is another patch needed to remove the -fomit-frame-pointer you
> mentioned here? Maybe this is due to a new addition because manual
> hacking wasn't previously necessary.
i just didn't find any other way how to do it, so i replaced
all -fomit-frame-pointer to -fno-omit-frame-pointer in

> There is an old patch that unfortunately hit a dead end, but helped with
> exceptions/stack traces by enabling basic Dwarf2 unwinding on win32
> (but not across .dll boundaries AFAIK)
not completely sure what it means. i remember somewhere in another post
it was told that just callbacks don't work.

-- dpr

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