[re] Java executables can abort trying to access a null pointer in a leaf function

tsuraan tsuraan@gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 18:05:00 GMT 2006

> This looks OK to me: we are generating te null pointer check.
> Until we actually see the faulting instruction in gdb we're not going
> to get anywhere.  Just load your program into gdb, run it, and tel us
> when it hits the SEGV.

When I run that program in gdb I get "Cannot find thread 2: Thread
ID=1, generic error", which indicates something related to DWARF?  I
can't get a SEGV out of it, anyhow.

Would it help if I linked this against a c program that sets up a
handler for SIGSEGV?  I don't know how I'd get the stack info out of
that, but if someone wants to send me a pointer I'd be glad to give it
a try.

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