Make tests compatible for gcj's testsuite

Bryce McKinlay
Wed Feb 1 16:37:00 GMT 2006

Hi Robert,

Its easy to add tests to the libgcj test suite. All you need to do is 
place the test case (in one .java file) in 
libjava/testsuite/libjava.lang. The test class should generally be named 
after the bug number it is for, ie: If the test produces 
some output, put the expected output in PR24616.out. If the test is 
expected/known to fail, similarly add a .xfail file.

Once its in there, just run "make check" and the testsuite should find 
the new test automatically. You can also run an individual test like so:

 make check RUNTESTFLAGS="lang.exp=PR24616"


Robert Schuster wrote:
> I will soon commit my patches for the linker and verifier (waiting for the
> testsuites to finish).
> For these I used a test setup which is part of this PR:
> Another similar test setup is attached to this PR and should help Andrew Haley
> to resolve the issues:
> I think it might be good to convert the tests into the format which is used by
> GCJ's testsuite which I am completely new to.
> It would be fine if you could give me some pointers how I should start or what I
> should learn to make that.
> If you are able to convert the tests in no time yourself and would adapt my
> tests that would be appreciated, too. ;)

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