examples/tutorial on CNI?

Bryce McKinlay mckinlay@redhat.com
Tue Jun 28 18:31:00 GMT 2005

No, its not really possible to mix other JVMs and GCJ.

GCJ supports all of those platforms to varying degrees. Linux is, of 
course, the best supported as thats what most of the developers are 
using. Mac OS X also works well from what I've heard. Windows can be 
made to somewhat work but there are some significant bugs/limitations on 
this platform at this time.


Michael Purdy wrote:

>This sounds fantastic and exactly what I'm looking for.  My application does contain some Swing elements for the GUI, so will I need to somehow target Sun's and Apple's VMs and then gij for the compiled java?  Or, is this not really possible...  Also, is there a list of gij supported platforms?  I hoping to target Windows, OSX, and Fedora/Redhat Linux.

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