Running gump

Tom Tromey
Fri Jan 28 23:45:00 GMT 2005

Anthony> I'll figure out how to host this properly (maybe
Anthony> is basically dedicated to hosting, I think running any
kind of test setup there would be forbidden.

Dalibor> Cool, I wanted to setup a gump with gcj, jamvm and others already on
Dalibor>, and you've beaten me to it;)

Dalibor> We could host it on, as we run the kaffe
Dalibor> tinderboxes there already, and we've got a xen instance for playing
Dalibor> there.

How powerful is this machine?  I turned off my nightly builds a while
ago; I would like to restart them but preferably not hosted on my main
development machine.  These builds were nontrivial: gcc including
tests (mauve and jacks) , classpath (with gcj and jikes), kawa,
inetlib, jessie, crypto, rhug, and japi comparisons every night.

It would be great to host on a more public machine so that other folks
can help with the hacking when needed.  Otherwise I was going to
hijack a machine at Red Hat when I had time.


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