internal compiler error: in size_binop

Chris Burdess
Tue Jan 25 09:24:00 GMT 2005

C. Brian Jones wrote:
> I wasn't sure it mattered if it is maintained in classpath now instead

It is, yes.

> and that version compiled fine.  I took another look and it was barfing
> when it included a j2sdk jni.h file without having the directory
> jni_md.h is in also on the include path, so jni_md.h wasn't found and
> the build barfed a lot.  What would be the right flag to have it use
> whatever comes with gcj?  I didn't specify anything to configure btw, 
> it
> just found this and used it automatically.

Unset the JAVA_HOME environment variable, and set CPPFLAGS if gcj's 
jni.h is not installed in the standard places.
Chris Burdess

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