[gui] makefile to help with cairo

graydon hoare graydon@redhat.com
Tue Jan 25 01:23:00 GMT 2005


cairo has recently begun shifting under a certain amount of active 
development, and I expect there will be an increase in the churn rate 
for the next few months. this is good news, as far as cairo maturing, 
but makes it harder for us to progress in our work on swing-on-cairo. 
luckily there has been a snapshot release of cairo (and pixman) recently 
with a nice API which our code agrees with.

attached is a makefile, for the impatient, which you can use to build 
and install the snapshot. I'd recommend staying with this snapshot for a 
while, since it appears to work well, include most recent cairo 
performance improvements, and there's a fair amount of reorganization 
going on in cairo CVS after the snapshot.

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