gcjx integration

Jakob Praher jpraher@yahoo.de
Mon Jan 17 10:56:00 GMT 2005

hi Tom,

thanks for the branch.

The Make-lang.in has to be updated.
regarding the model:

in the current frontend: (gcj)

jc1 is the internal compiler 
gcj is the wrapper around it, which is gcc.c + java/jvspec.c

in the new frontend, there is


and then you have the tree stuff in


from a system approach, maybe you can point me to some overall ideas of
how the system is combined.

regarding c++: the d frontend for gcc also uses c++, since the d
compiler by digitalmars is in c++ too. I've looked at their
Make-lang.in, which is pretty straightforward too.

So if you have some spare time it would be nice if you give some of your

Jakob Praher <jpraher@yahoo.de>

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