Bytecode-to-native regression tests

Bryce McKinlay
Thu Jan 6 00:36:00 GMT 2005

GCJ currently lacks regression tests for bytecode-to-native compilation 
when a bug occurs only with bytecode produced by another bytecode 
compiler. PR 18931 is an example of one bug where this would be useful.

I propose adding a libjava.bytecode test suite which will contain binary 
.class files for such tests. Obviously for licensing reasons we (in 
general) can't just go adding bytecode from random failing .jar files in 
there, but in cases where a reproducable test case exists, we could 
place its bytecode there. The source code would be included too, but 
only for reference purposes - only the bytecode version would actually 
be used/compiled.

Anyone have any concerns about this?



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