How the "library naming scheme" works loading dynamical libraries?

Tom Tromey
Wed Dec 14 16:17:00 GMT 2005

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Egholm Nielsen <> writes:

>> There is a system property to set to change this behavior a little.
>> In particular you can turn it off or you can have it cache negative
>> results.  FWIW I think we'd like to switch the default to off as this
>> feature doesn't play too well with typical java applications.

Martin> Now, can you elaborate on "doesn't play too well with typical
Martin> java applications"?  Perhaps you just mean "doesn't fit in
Martin> (designwise)"?

When a library is loaded this way, the classes show up in the
bootstrap loader.  (FWIW, in 3.4.x, there is some deep confusion about
the bootstrap and system loaders in libgcj.)

The first problem with this approach is just that it prevents you from
loading two different versions of the library under different class
loaders.  The second one is that some applications aren't prepared to
have classes they "know" will be loaded by one of their custom class
loaders to magically appear in the system loader.


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