Installing libgcj consumes huge amounts of memory

Andrew Haley
Tue Dec 13 20:46:00 GMT 2005

Tom Tromey writes:
 > >>>>> "Gerald" == Gerald Pfeifer <> writes:
 > Gerald> Is anyone seeing this?  With current 4.1 sources, on a machine
 > Gerald> with "only" 1GB of main memory + 1GB swap, the following part
 > Gerald> of `make install`
 > [...]
 > Gerald> spawns a recursive make (GNU make 3.80) that consumes some
 > Gerald> 450MB of memory and triggers a system load of 12+, basically
 > Gerald> rendering the machine dead for about a minute.
 > Gerald> Any ideas how I could nail this down?  Anyone else seeing this?
 > First, yeah, this is known.  And, kudos to HJ for trying to fix this
 > in 'make'.
 > I've been considering working around this problem by just redoing the
 > whole .java->.class step whenever any .java file changes.  That would
 > probably be slower for libgcj developers but at least wouldn't hugely
 > hurt folks working elsewhere.  Also, most class library development
 > happens in Classpath these days anyway.
 > Any comments on this?

It wouldn't delight me.  A "class depends on packages" model would,
and would mostly solve the problem.


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