class library bug fixes for 4.1.x

Tom Tromey
Tue Dec 13 18:44:00 GMT 2005

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Wielaard <> writes:

Mark> Do you have a list?

Actually I think I just had one patch on the list and it was the one
that prompted this thread.

Mark> I would actually like to do another import before end of December (and
Mark> release GNU Classpath 0.20 at the same time). But I can understand the
Mark> fear that this will be too disruptive for the 4.1 branch. I don't know
Mark> when 4.1 is expected to be finalized. I see that there are more than 100
Mark> serious regressions (and more than 200 regressions in total), so I guess
Mark> we probably won't see a 4.1 release soon.

Yeah, I'm wary of doing another import.  But I suppose this time
around we're mostly looking at bug fixes and not, say, another huge
new set of packages.  So maybe it would be ok after all.  IOW, I'm stuck.

Mark> If we don't do another import before 4.1 is release what would you
Mark> suggest the "backport criteria" to be? Should we just say that if
Mark> someone reports a bug against a real world application (as distributed
Mark> with one of the major distros) that is fixed on the trunk or in
Mark> classpath upstream it is a valid target for backporting to the branch?

Pre-4.1 we can be fairly open about fixes, as in, we can put in
anything that fixes something we care about.  And, as usual, the newer
packages have greater leeway than the more established ones, i.e., I'm
less worried about swing fixes than java.lang fixes.

Post-4.1 I think we have to add the binary compatibility rule, as
contra our plans we didn't fully finish BC and flip the default in
time for 4.1.


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