Installing libgcj consumes huge amounts of memory

Gerald Pfeifer
Sun Dec 11 23:21:00 GMT 2005

On Sun, 4 Dec 2005, Mark Wielaard wrote:
>> 2005-09-21  Mark Wielaard  <>
>>         * lib/ Cut list to 3 package levels deep.
> I reversed this (patch attached) and now my build with ulimit -v450000
> passes. But the total virtual memory usage didn't drop that much. It was
> around 454MB top usage, to 438MB top usage. Build time increased with
> several minutes. Maybe this was just the tipping point for your setup?

Is it possible that the last Classpath imports caused this to break for
me (and others), since we added some new modules?

I gave your patch a try on two of my test boxes, and indeed just reverting
that one change didn't unbreak the build for me.  (I saw, and appreciate,
HJ's GNU make patches, but these may take a long time to appear in any
official release.)

Is there any other way to address the problem during installation?  
Perhaps by splitting the package set into two partitions and processing 
these separately or something along these lines?


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