Garbage collector stopping my world for half a second

Martin Egholm Nielsen
Fri Dec 9 09:23:00 GMT 2005

>>>> The problem is that I have external hardware connected that "need" 
>>>> being "triggered" from my application with more precision than ~400 
>>>> ms. - more likely ~100 would be good.
>>> I never had the time to really look into it, but there is a fork of gcj
>>> called jRate which adds support for most of the features required by the
>>> RTSJ real-time specification. Maybe they provide some things that can be
>>> helpful.
>> Looks interesting - thanks for pointing Mark...
>> However, it seems there is a substantial amount of refactoring work 
>> for me if I am to rewrite my code to use this API.
>> And moreover it's not entirely clear what status the project is in 
>> with respect to PPC and libgcj version - I'm polling them for more 
>> info wrtt...
> Just to follow up on your, otherwise, excellent suggestion:
> jRate does support ppc by now - the FAQ wasn't updated (it is now, though).
> However, as the "project owner" (Morgan Deters) writes:
> "jRate at present doesn't support GC of any sort, including the Boehm
> collector standard in gcj, so that may be a concern for you as well.
> There is considerable interest in adding real-time collectors to jRate
> (and we want to reenable Boehm so that at least some GC is available).
> Many of the projects where we've used jRate pre-allocate their storage
> and/or use RTSJ scoped memory, so a lack of GC hasn't been a problem
> for these apps."

Oh, and moreover, he's still fighting against libgcj 3.3.x - so there's 
a bit more work before he aims at 3.4.x and 4.0.x...

// Martin

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