Garbage collector stopping my world for half a second

Andrew Haley
Wed Dec 7 09:30:00 GMT 2005

Boehm, Hans writes:
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 > > From: Andrew Haley [] 
 > > 
 > > Hans, one of the problems that I found it the the gc doesn't 
 > > allow fine-grained control over which libraries get 
 > > registered as roots and which don't.  I fully intend to 
 > > remove the need for auto-registration of gc roots in libgcj 
 > > (and I intend to do so soon) but if it's possible in the 
 > > meantime to scan some subset of shared libraries that would help.

 > How would you specify those?
 > You can currently exclude address ranges, but that makes the client
 > do the hard stuff.  You could try to look for specific library
 > names.  But the implementation of that would have to be
 > platform-specific, which is a maintenance issue.  And it's not
 > completely clear to me how you name a dynamic library.  Pattern
 > matching on the path name?

Give us a callback, with all the information that you have.  


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