GCJ and Boehm GC "Incremental Collection"

Craig A. Vanderborgh craigv@voxware.com
Mon Dec 5 23:55:00 GMT 2005


We are running a port of GCJ 3.3 w/Boehm GC 6.2 on Windows CE v. 4.2 
(Xscale processor).  As this is a reasonably low-tech (i.e. CRIPPLED) 
platform, we are experiencing long, disruptive delays from "world 
stopped" Boehm GC.

Naturally, there is nothing "wrong" with Boehm GC. 

Our challenge is to make this work as best as we can.  What is the 
"Incremental GC" feature of Boehm?  Does it do what the name 
tantalizingly suggests - incremental collection without "world 
stopping"?  If so, this could really help us a lot.  If "incremental GC" 
could help us, what would be needed to use it from GCJ?  We've done a 
lot of work/hacking with GCJ/Boehm, so we're not afraid to plunge in 
where others might fear to tread.

Thanks in advance,
craig vanderborgh
voxware incorporated

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