llvm backend for gcjx

Mike Emmel mike.emmel@gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 03:08:00 GMT 2005

Hi Jakob I'm currently studying the LLVM gcc 4.0 patches and the
current gcjx gcc and bytecode backends code to do the tree to tree
conversions. The code is currently just on my hard drive I've not 
checked it in.

Its in a very early state I have a a gcjx tree vistor compiling and
the llvm backend hooked in I was just starting on converting the
method signatures. I'm just now doing the type conversions right now. 
So as you can see its very early.

I'm using the llvm build system but as I work on the project it seems
that it should be moved to be a sub project of the gcjx library like
the bytecode emitter. I can use the gcc 4.0 llvm code to see how to
link using gcc's build system.

I'd be happy to put a tarball somewhere even though its still very
very early. Even at this stage llvm is very nice to work with the C
emitter is great for this type of work.
I don't miss the gcc tree's one bit :)

Also I probably need  to sign all the paperwork for gcc contribtions.
I'm not sure how to do that.


On 12/3/05, Jakob Praher <jpraher@yahoo.de> wrote:
> hi Mike,
> hi all,
> I'm currently pretty busy. But I saw that you are working on a LLVM
> backend for gcjx - great.
> Do you have the source code somewhere. If my time permits it, I'd like
> to help you in implemneting it, I have some experience with LLVM (I am
> doing my master thesis project on it).
> What are your design plans?
> I have some experience with the LLVM JIT and JITEmitter things. Perhaps
> we could discuss that a little bit.
> cheers
> -- Jakob

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