-findirect-dispatch problem

Michael Baranov michael.baranov@gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 19:45:00 GMT 2005

Hi, Andrew!

> -findirect-dispatch doesn't work with static linkage, and I remember
> that MinGW doesn't work properly with dynamic linkage.  It makes no
> sense to use it in this context.

Not sure I uderstand correctly when you say that -findirect-dispatch
doesn't work with static linkage... I thought it staticaly links with
libgcj but tries to load dynamicaly the rest of classes, not available
during compillation. Am I wrong? Well, my stripped exe is around 15 MB
:-) when a hello-world is only 3,5 MB. But somehow it ommits a part of
my libgcj during compillation. I heared of some database stuff related
to -findirect-dispatch... does it have to do with my case?

Well, you know, currently -findirect-dispatch saves me when compiling
large libraries that have occasional dependensies on awt/swing. It
silently 'delays' resolving of missing classes and continues
gracefully... I'm only lucky that I use part of those libs and never
need those missing classes in reality. Any ideas how to achieve the
same with static build?

Thank you!!!


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